Participative exploration of future climate scenarios in Luxembourg

‘Reducing harm or emissions is not enough; we also need to prioritise our life support systems (soil, water and biodiversity) and thus regenerate ecosystems.’

Community Facilitator: Dr. Ariane König, researcher at university of Luxembourg


Location: Luxembourg

Funding: Luxembourg University

Project website:

Goals: More real projects on the ground that can deal with the impacts of climate change.

Process: We have conducted a 3 year national process to explore alternative scenarios for Luxembourg 2045. All our processes are participatory and engage different experts, practitioners and actors from civil society. We always start with workshops that provide spaces for using contradictions/ disagreements as creative spaces for new ways of thinking and doing. We challenge people in a friendly way, for example by working with scenarios of the future with many disruptive aspects and different sets of values and worldviews. For Luxembourg the main future threat we work with is extreme weather events, with major impacts for society. We have evolved our workshop methodologies so that people with very different interests and expertise start to develop shared understandings and ideas.

Insights: Trying to make an obsolete way of life resilient is not desirable. We are concerned with resilient engagement with water and food production in the face of extreme weather events. Resilience in this case will rest on: a) access to knowledge and early warning systems b) fostering resilience in ecosystems as life support systems for all life forms c) enhancing our repertoire of effective actions for regenerating ecosystems in times of crisis.

This is a case study from the Community Climate Coaches (CCC) Erasmus+ project, where we highlight the work of one Coach. Find out more about this type of coaching, how to become one and resources for this journey here.

CCC is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. Proj. ref.: 2020-1-IE01-KA204-066023

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