Participatory Advocacy

The policy positionings of ECOLISE – the European Network for Community-Led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability – are the outcomes of consultations with our network members and partners, following a participatory advocacy process.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve worked together around the 10 theses towards transformative community-led local development, a collaborative document which aims to trigger conversations – and to arrive at shared policy positionings on transformative local development policies. Around 900 people from roughly 140 different organisations have participated in this consultation process so far.

The first outcome of this deep work is the Time for Collective Action Manifesto, which we encourage you to support by:

We’re currently preparing the ground for the next ECOLISE policy positioning which will be based on the Time for Collective Action Manifesto and deepen its key messages around a specific policy field such as food or energy systems.  We are looking forward to building – again – strong alliances and triggering deep conversations amongst ECOLISE members and partners. Also, we are happy to announce that this work will be supported by the EU funded (CERV) project Communities for Local Green Deals, which we will invite you to contribute to starting in Autumn 2024 – stay tuned by registering to the policy circle (signing up is possible when signing up for the newsletter below). 

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