EU Elections Advocacy Campaign

The forthcoming European elections (6 – 9 June 2024) will be a make-or-break moment for the European Green Deal and a pivotal moment for the socio-ecological transition, influencing the framework conditions for community-led initiatives on strong sustainability to thrive. These elections go beyond simply voting – they provide a window of opportunity to mold the future of Europe.

For that reason ECOLISE is engaging in a campaign towards the European elections, based on the core messages of the Time for Collective Action Manifesto.

We aim for a snowballing effect and we work with campaign partners who support the key messages of the manifesto.  We invite interested stakeholders (organisations and individuals) to:

ECOLISE as a member of Climate Action Network Europe (CAN-Europe) is using synergies with materials developed by CAN-E and a coalition of Brussels-based climate and environment NGOs for campaigning:

Not sure who to vote for? Check this Scoreboard on the past votes of Members of the European Parliament to help you inform your vote next June!

Main voting trends across political groups of the European Parliament on the European Green Deal files.The EU Parliament Scoreboard looks at the individual voting behaviour of every MEP during the 2019-2024 legislative term and scores them against the voting recommendations of the five European environmental organisations BirdLife Europe, Climate Action Network Europe, European Environmental Bureau, Transport & Environment and WWF European Policy Office. This provides a measure of each MEPs commitment to environmental sustainability – with the result being a score out of 100. Results are aggregated in the scoreboard for political groups and national parties represented in the European Parliament.

The scoring assesses voting behaviour across 30 policy files, comprising key climate, energy and environmental legislation. 12 policy files focused on a climate-neutral and socially just transition, 8 focused on a nature-positive Europe, and 10 focused on the circular economy and achieving zero pollution.


Read the report on “What has the EU done for you and the planet” – and use it to communicate with your networks!

This report initiated by a coalition of climate and environment organisations on EU levels shows the instrumental role the European Union has played in driving positive change in 10 areas of environmental policy – from nature restoration and conservation, through emission-free electric vehicles, to supporting individuals in energy poverty. It also highlights why change was necessary in the first place and, crucially, what the EU must do to bring us closer to a net-zero, zero-pollution and socially just future. The report can be used for own communication purposes by everyone (please feel free to copy & paste!).


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