Cultivating Regenerative Livelihoods

It can be difficult to make ends meet, let alone find a job that enlivens us and allows us to meaningfully contribute to the ecological, political, and social challenges of our time.

When we think about our livelihood as our service to the wellbeing of ourselves, each other, and the planet, it opens us to dream and explore new possibilities. Pairing these with regenerative and cooperative economic theories and business models empowers us to actualize them and contribute more substantially to the more equitable, sustainable, and just world we envision.

Wherever you are on your livelihood journey, this course will help you pause to reflect, connect with what’s important to you, and go forth with tools and insights to help make your vocational dreams come to life.

The course takes place over 12 weeks with virtual meetings offered every other week. There are six modules in this course, each lasting two weeks and each containing module materials and one live virtual session. (note that virtual sessions are being offered at two different times to allow for engagement and participation from different time zones).

The first week of a module is for reading, listening, or watching the module materials. Participants have all two weeks of the module to post responses to the module prompts and reply to other participant’s reflections on the learning platform. The one live session per module happens during the module’s second week.

Themes of the course’s six modules: 

  1. Welcome and Introductions – group agreements, learning goals
  2. (Re)Discovering Passions, Gifts, and Purpose
  3. Acupuncture Points for Systems Change
  4. Rethinking Economics, Work, and Money
  5. Regenerative and Cooperative Economic Models and Tools
  6. Tending to Our Livelihood Gardens

This course is a virtual learning and practice course that uses both synchronous (live sessions via zoom) as well as asynchronous (learning platform) learning methods.

The live session utilizes the “flipped classroom” approach where participants are asked to teach back the insights from the pre-session materials. This pedagogical approach is inspired by the view that “teaching others” offers learners the highest rate of retention.

Live sessions will take place on Saturdays: January 21, February 4 and 18, March 4 and 18 from 5 to 6 PM UTC

Last live session: Saturday April 8 from 4 to 6 PM UTC

Note: for those interested in different time zones, the course will be offered at 1 AM UTC (Sundays) starting in the Fall of 2023

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