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Storytelling Toolkit

Storytelling Toolkit to help you write your story of collective action in support of the Time for Collective Action Manifesto. ... Read more
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EU elections campaign – Communications & Storytelling Toolkit

This Communications & Storytelling Toolkit provides a wide variety of assets and resources for you or your organization to support ECOLISE’s EU elections campaign. ... Read more
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How to craft winning messages for a socially just, green Europe

To win and avoid a European Parliament that puts people and planet in jeopardy, we must reconsider our tactics and reach outside our echo chambers. It’s time to activate people who were not planning on voting to make a... Read more
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Ministry of the Imagination

What would a Manifesto look like that was based on a positive vision of the future, one that is appropriately ambitious to the scale of the challenges the world is facing while at the same time bold, imaginative and auda... Read more
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What has the EU done for you

This report shows the instrumental role the European Union has played in driving positive change in 10 areas of environmental policy—from nature restoration and conservation, through emission-free electric vehicles, to... Read more
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Energy Citizen Empowerment Kit

Renewable energy communities are a vital part of the transition to a zero-carbon energy system. They can engage citizens in the clean energy transition, reduce the cost of energy, tackle energy poverty, and improve the r... Read more
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The modern digital media ecosystem is ripe for environmental activism. With some guidance and knowledge sharing, activists can start taking advantage of the scale of the digital landscape. Digital success gene... Read more
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This publication analyses the goals of the Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement in order to propose specific targets for the Sustainable Development Goals that promote the construction of a more just society – fro... Read more
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Community Climate Coaches Competence Framework

The purpose of this framework is to define and promote the role and vocation of Community Climate Coaches in order to catalyse, scale and accelerate community climate action. It conveys an understanding of the many roles... Read more
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52 Climate Actions

You have the power to bring about positive change. Every action makes a difference, so start today with the theme that inspires you most. The 52 Climate Actions partnership formed in 2015 after the International Permacu... Read more
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BLAST Community of Practice Guide

This guide has been designed to make it easier for facilitators, trainers, community catalysts and adult educators working in civil society organisations and networks, to build and nurture well-functioning peer learning ... Read more
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BLAST Outputs (German) – Transformative Blended Learning

Die BLAST-Partnerschaft wird finanziert durch: Erasmus+ KA2 Strategisches Partnerschaftsprogramm der Europäischen Union. Die Partnerschaft wurde ins Leben berufen, um drei Schlüsselkonzepte und die entsprechenden Prakt... Read more
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BLAST Outputs (French) – Apprentissage Transformatif Hybride

Le partenariat BLAST est financé par : le programme de partenariats stratégiques Erasmus+ KA2 de l’Union européenne et a été mis en place pour associer trois concepts clés et des ensembles respectifs de pratiques... Read more
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BLAST Outputs (English) – Transformative Blended Learning

The BLAST partnership is funded by: European Union Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships Programme and has been set up to interweave three key concepts and respective sets of practices that have mostly evolved independentl... Read more
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CfF Newsletter

Browse previous editions of the Communities for Future Newsletter. ... Read more
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Solution Library

This Solution Library is compiled by Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). It provides workable practical actions to existing problems and challenges, organized geographically or through the five dimensions identified by GEN:... Read more
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Evoneers Journey

Evoneers Journey integrates learning from the ecovillage, Transition and permaculture movements relevant to social entrepreneurs who wish to develop new projects. Structured in several phases, it deepens understanding ab... Read more
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Dragon Dreaming E-book

The Dragon Dreaming ebook presents an entire process of developing projects and teams. Dragon Dreaming is a playful, inspiring, encouraging and meaningful method for assisting individuals and groups who seek to make thei... Read more
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ECOLISE Status Report 2019: Reshaping the Future

The Status Report on Community-led Action on Sustainability and Climate Change in Europe takes a step towards making visible the state of the art of knowledge and understanding about community-led action on sustainabilit... Read more
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Communities for Future curates a knowledge commons on community-led action on sustainability and climate change. This knowledge commons is freely available for consultation, and open to contributions from anyone willing to adhere to an agreed set of standards of rigour and presentation, and adhere to a common set of values. The main aim of the knowledge commons is to make the existing knowledge base on community action visible and accessible, and encourage co-creation and sharing of knowledge on the part of researchers, advocates, activists working on the ground, and all others somehow involved in community-led action. In doing so, it seeks to move beyond individualised and proprietary forms of knowledge production dominated solely by elite academic institutions and create inclusive alternatives based on sharing, cooperation and solidarity.

Explore the Communities for Future wiki and Zotero library.

E-community Research Platform

An open, peer-to-peer platform to serve researchers, practitioners, and adult educators from ecovillages and academia as well as policy makers on all levels in order to make the knowledge gained within and through ecovillages more accessible both for research and policy decisions on sustainable lifestyles and living environments.
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Ecommunity Library

The Ecommunity Library, developed during the Regen4All project, curates a database as a comprehensive library, focusing on ecovillages and related subjects. The library is available to the general public and has free access. The objective is to illuminate and facilitate access to knowledge concerning ecovillages and research conducted in this domain.
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Zotero Library

Welcome to the Communities for Future Library. Here we collect and share articles of relevance for you. As a tool for collecting we use the Zotero platform.

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Communities for Future wiki

This wiki presents bottom-up, community-led action in response to social and environmental challenges in the 21st century. It’s an essential part of the Communities for Future programme.

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The right to have a choice to live sustainably with Climate Campaigners Amplifier Cities

Collaborating effectively with local governments (ReGEN4all + CfF session)

Time for Collective Action Manifesto & Call for Content Partners for a Joint Advocacy Campaign 2024

Time For Collective Action Manifesto

Making the European Green Deal Strong and Real (#10Theses policy event, with ECOLISE, EESC & ICLEI)

Members Hour, Briefing about ECOLISE’s main policy event

Coaching for Community Climate Action

Scotland’s Regional Climate Hubs: From Idea to Action

Have a Say in Biodiversity Science and Policy: Introducing IPBES

Community-building with Digital Marketing

Dutch “tiny house” experiments in building sustainable, just communities

Insights into ECOLISE’s policy flagship project Communities and the European Green Deal

Creating Regenerative Futures with your Local Council

Fundraising Capacity Building

Community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal – Policy Stakeholder Event (Part II)

Community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal – Policy Stakeholder Event (Part I)

Policy Consultation: 10 theses on transformative community-led local development

Policy Consultation Process Kick-Off. Let’s build a united voice for Community-led Initiatives

Youth Voices on Climate, Sustainability, and Communities in Europe

Project Building Session: A Soil Deal for Europe

Training: How to Organise & Facilitate a ONCE YOU KNOW Film Screening

Reimagine Monitoring & Evaluation

The power of localisation: exploring transformative community-led initiatives

Bringing the EU Green Deal to local levels: the combined power of Local Action Groups-communities

ECOLISE Project Building session: June 2022

Project building session – Co-Creation of public space through citizen engagement

Learning from Transition Network’s shift to shared governance

Let’s Get Visible! How and why should you join the European Day of Sustainable Communities?

12min Intro – CLLD & Smart Villages Communities for Future Session

Resourcing community-led local climate resilience – CLLD and Smart Villages EU-Programmes

How can you engage with Communities for Future. Replay #5

Communities for Future with testimonials from Portugal, Ireland, Sweden, Italy and Romania

Building our Knowledge Commons – Replay #4

MEP Irena Joveva’s testimony after the first Communities for Future Meet & Greet

‘You have a vision to offer with Communities for Future’ – a recap of the launch, 29 Sept 2020

Communities of Practice: leveraging impact by learning together. Replay #3

Catalyzing Societal Transformation Through Community-Led Action – Replay #2

Celebration! How we’ve made a difference in 2020 – Replay #1

European Commissioner, Virginijus Sinkevicius’s speech at the launch of Communities for Future

Communities for Future

Podcast Episode “Community-led initiatives: From individual, to collective action”

Tipping Points

The Rewild Podcast

From What If to What Next, with Rob Hopkins

ReGeneration Rising (RSA Special series, Eps 158-164)


Women in Food & Agriculture Podcast

Tipping Point: The True Story of “The Limits to Growth”

Making Permaculture Stronger

Doomer Optimism

Community – GEN Europe (Global Ecovillage Network)

Hot Mess (Irish National Radio, RTÉ)

Economics For Rebels – From The European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE)

Urban Community – For Sustainable and Just Cities

Europe Climate Connection – Climate Action Network Europe

Blended Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Transition. Part 3

Blended Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Transition. Part 2

Blended Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Transition. Part 1

Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Working with nature to adapt to a changing climate

Jane Feeney
December 19th 2022 -

Cultivating Regenerative Livelihoods

Jane Feeney
January 16th 2023 -

Ecological Dimension: GEDS – English

Jane Feeney
January 9th 2022 -

Permaculture Design Course at Carraig Dulra

Jane Feeney
May 10th 2023 -
Carraig Dulra Organic Farm, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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