Ride-sharing benches in rural Germany

Pic: Michael Springer

Ride-sharing benches in Grafing, Germany, are equipped with signs of destinations that local people can hold up in order to get a free ride from a passing vehicle heading in the same direction.

The principle of this community-led local transport concept is quite simple: the ride-sharing benches are located in highly visible public spaces. Signs with possible destinations are attached to them.

If someone wants a ride, they simply hold up the sign with their desired destination and can then get a ride from a vehicle that stops at the bench and is heading in the same direction. If the destination is not on the signs, ride seekers can also make their own.

If someone waiting doesn’t want to take a ride with the person who is stopping, they can politely tell them that they are waiting for someone they know.

For more information about the Smart Rural Solution please see here

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