CLIPS project ends having trained 100s in supporting sustainable communities

The Community Learning Incubator Programme for Sustainability Community (CLIPS) Erasmus+ partnership has ended after the almost three years of cooperation. During the course of the project over 100 CLIPS ambassadors attended national training and multiplier events in the 9 partner countries, and 25 new CLIPS facilitators were trained in Spain. Now they are ready to accompany emerging communities with the CLIPS methods and tools designed to support sustainable initiatives during their early stages and in times of transformation.

The CLIPS guide is a recommended read, allowing a better understanding of group dynamics, decision-making processes, conflict management, legal aspects of community building and much more. The guide has been translated into 10 languages and is available for download here. The CLIPS game designed during the partnership can be used to get familiar with the CLIPS model.

Visit to discover more about the programme. If you would like to get in contact with an experienced CLIPS facilitator in your area, please email:

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