Swedish ecovillage generates its own biogas

Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage has installed a small-scale micro-biogas digester to generate fuel for cooking and heating. The digester is fed with local food and garden waste.

This small-scale biogas digester can be built and implemented by any rural community.

It mainly consists of a chamber, which is specifically designed to enable it to contain compressed air. it can be fed (through ‘feeding’ pipes) with food and garden waste and water to instigate a natural process of biodigestion. This generates biogas, which is collected through an ‘outpipe’ with gas cap.

The micro-biodigester has a simple design that can be made locally out of easy-to-make concrete, using concrete moulds. It has no moving parts, making it is relatively unlikely to have technical problems. The digester can run at variable flows and temperatures.

The micro biodigester can be integrated into a full closed-loop system for the sustainable management of waste at a very localised level.

The biodigester enhances hygienic disposal of organic waste products with limited local odour. It also generates valuable products in terms of fuel and fertiliser, which is also collected through a ‘run-off’ pipe.

For more information about this Smart Rural Solution please see here


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