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In early January, ECOLISE had the pleasure of participating in the kickoff pilot of the #CommunityClimateCoaches (CCC) project in Olot, Catalonia, Spain. Around 40 people from many different places participated in the 3-day event, facilitated by the wonderful team of Erika and Oscar from Resilience.Earth in a great cooperative space called Núria Social. The 8 members of CCC include ECOLISE and 7 of our member groups from a diverse range of European networks, including Cultivate (Ireland), CELL asbl (Luxemburg), Permaculture Association (UK), Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa group FCID (Portugal), Suomen Kylät ry (Finnish village movement), (Croatian Permaculture association), and Resilience Earth (Catalonia, Spain). The training was based on a community catalysts approach, very rich in content and models and well facilitated. It was a great opportunity to connect with many friends, ECOLISE network members, and meet new inspiring people. 5 ECOLISE team members were there.

Two other factors made this event so memorable; firstly it happened in a wild natural corner of Europe, amidst old volcanos and snow capped hills of the low Pyrenees; in addition, Erika led the group on a Quechua “smudging” ceremony, thereby building bridges between European #ClimateJustice and Latin American #Indigenous communities. We now look forward to each of the 8 groups leading multiplier events in their home regions.

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