An urban community as an inspiration

Vestigium Association (lat. footprint) is an ecological-creative association and community for improving the quality of our members by approaching and promoting a healthy and sustainable way for our future.

Our community is based in Zagreb, Croatia and functions as a space where initiatives take place and develop throughout the year. To support citizens’ engagement we provide them with a place, connect them to people and help them to create their ideas. 

Our community started developing in 2011 when we realized the need of having a place to purchase organic and local produced food. First, we started working with a farmer supplying us with freshly grown food in baskets once a week. As the interest grew bigger we decided to let the farmers bring their vegetables to our community center. This developed into even more members and farmers coming to our community to sell their vegetables, fruits and products. Over the years the market developed into a weekly meeting point for community members to socialize, an opportunity for individuals to display their homemade products and crafts, musicians creating a unique atmosphere and a swob shop for clothes supporting and raising awareness. 

Giving farmers the opportunity to sell their products independently empowered them to support our market over years by providing these services. We raise awareness and have seen the quality of consuming food improve, by members and visitors buying it locally and organically directly from a farmer. This creates a win-win for everyone and supports sustainability and seasonal grown vegetables and fruits. It is in our common interest to raise awareness for being more sustainable and to empower everyone to become a part of active change makers.

To contribute to more sustainability in the future, Vestigium shares its concept and model of creating more urban sustainability as a community in Zagreb. Our ethics are reflected in our community-supported agriculture initiative which encourages direct relationships between small local organic farmers and city consumers switching to fresh food grown within 60 km. 


→A short video of our weekly market → 

If you are inspired please get in touch with us.

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