Pioneering EU proposal for Nature Restoration under threat

The European Commission has proposed a new law to restore ecosystems for people, the climate and the planet.

The European Commission has proposed a Nature Restoration Law, with binding targets for nature restoration and protection within the EU – a historic first and a crucial necessity, if Europe wants to be in line with international agreements such as the UNFCCC Paris Agreement or the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and its last Kunming-Montreal agreement: an important step towards the protection of “half earth”, as scientists like E.O. Wilson demanded. This law would give community-led initiatives the legal frameworks necessary to strive for sustainability locally, as the “trickle down” effect would mean that all EU member states would need to implement it. So: we need to make this a reality and ask our political representatives (the MEPs) to vote FOR it.

ECOLISE has joined a strong alliance of non-governmental organisation and other non-state actors demanding this, and you can sign the manifesto and write an email directly to your MEP here:

Why is this so urgent now? This pioneering proposal is now under discussion on EU levels, in a “trilogue” between Council, European Parliament and the Commission – with the aim of reaching a final decision by the end of this year.

And here are the bad news: Two out of three European parliament’s responsible committees for the discussion have said “no” to the proposal, without even considering “only” changing details (as it is usually the case): The Committee on Fisheries (PECH) as well as the Committee on Agriculture (AGRI) rejected the proposal – driven by the conservatives (EPP+ECR+Renew+ID)

You can read more about the joint reaction of Oceana, Seas at risk, WWF EU & Clientearth and check out their social media pages to retweet/get inspired by their messages, like Birdlife, Seas at risk, ClientEarth, WWF and Oceana.

In these day, when the heat is very high, it is indeed incredibly important to show our reaction to these outcomes, to make sure that the European Parliament Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety ENVI  chooses a different path during their vote on the 15th of June!

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