ECOLISE launches call for Campaign Partners for its 2024 Advocacy Campaign

ECOLISE is looking for partners for its “Go vote” campaign for a strong European Green Deal with communities at the heart – join us!


After an intensive consultation process with > 900 people from >135 organisations, leading to the publication of the “Time for Collective Action Manifesto at ECOLISE’s main policy event, in early November, the stage is set for ECOLISE’s advocacy campaign, targeting the European elections (6 – 9 June 2024). This vote could be a break or make moment for the European Green Deal. ECOLISE plans to mobilise community-led initiatives and citizens to go vote for a strong European Green Deal with communities at the heart – and is looking for partners.

The kick-off for this outreach to campaign partners happened on December 4, when ECOLISE held an online Members and Partners’ Hour dedicated to the “Time for Collective Action Manifesto” and the upcoming advocacy campaign towards the 2024 European elections. ECOLISE’s advocacy team took this opportunity to present to participants the next steps of the #10theses process: how the Manifesto will be mobilised in the advocacy campaign, the activities and initiatives envisioned for that campaign, and a call for campaign partners.  


Are you interested in becoming a partner, but have questions? ECOLISE has planned two Open Office hours for members and partners, on January 17 and January 24 (4 – 5 pm CET) and a public online event on February 5 (5 – 6 pm CET).

Register here for the Open Office Hours.

Are you ready to join a strong alliance to impact the 2024 EU Elections? Sign up as a campaign partner here.

For more information: read the  “Time for Collective Action Manifesto” and the campaign partnership concept.

Missed the kick-off event? The recording of December 4 Members and Partners’ Hour can be found here. The slides are available here.


The session kicked off with a recap of the #10theses process. We took a moment to review how the Time for Collective Action Manifesto was positively received by speakers at November’s policy event, with over 500 participants. 


What to expect in 2024: A snowballing effect… towards the voting days in June

The “GO VOTE!” campaign 2024 is focused on building a strong alliance calling for transformational local development policies and an ambitious European Green Deal that puts communities at the heart. The campaign is divided into three phases and has diverse goals and target audiences.

The first phase runs from January to March 2024, intending to reach out and build alliances with core campaign partners. In this phase, ECOLISE will participate in public events such as the Belgian Council Presidency European Summit on Adaptation, in early February (Liège/ Wallonia, BE). To build partners’ ownership over the campaign, ECOLISE will offer campaign partners a series of online storytelling workshops (Feb – March 2024) to explore shared messages and empower partners to communicate their own agendas around these. A communications toolkit (including a video on the relevance of collective action for transformative socio-ecological change, and a social media kit by our partner Felicidad Collective) will support this. Synergies with campaigns by networks such as Climate Action Network Europe (who are planning a scoreboard of past votes of Members of the European Parliament; and materials on “What has the EU done for you and your planet”), Generation Climate Europe, as well as national initiatives by ECOLISE members such as the Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne (CTC) will be explored. And seized.  


From March to the beginning of June, the campaign enters phase number 2, dedicated to incentivising citizens and community-led initiatives to “GO VOTE!” with a strong European Green Deal and communities in mind. ECOLISE will organise a series of monthly events and a media campaign around the key messages of the Manifesto. The Manifesto’s first and second key demands will be used as core messages for the advocacy campaign. 

Events are so far planned to happen online at the Communities for Future Action Platform, as well as in hybrid format at the Climate Book Fair, at the Leipzig Book Fair (Germany, 21 – 24 March), and at ECOLISE’s General Assembly (9 – 11 May 2024). A special action (spoiler!) will keep attention high at the beginning of June, when citizens will – often last minute! – decide whether the European Green Deal is here to stay and grow – or not. 

Phase 3 of the campaign will be running in parallel, from January and December, to reach out to policy-makers at the EU and national levels. This will entail activating synergies with other NGOs and networks, influencing MEPs’ programmes, and contributing to European Parliament and Commission hearings.


Interested in becoming a partner for ECOLISE’s upcoming advocacy campaign?

Read the  “Time for Collective Action Manifesto” and the campaign partnership concept and fill in the survey

ECOLISE has planned three Open Office hours for members and partners: join us online either on January 17 or January 24 ( 4 – 5 pm CET) and take part in a public online event in February 5 (5 – 6 pm CET). 

Signing up as a partner is easy: have a look at the Communities for Future website  and fill out the survey here. We will get in touch! 

The recording of December 4 Members and Partners’ Hour can be found here. The slides are available here.


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