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In the face of deepening ecological crises and social inequalities, we believe that community-led action is vital for transformative systemic change. In different parts of Europe and across the world, communities are engaging in practical alternatives to ineffective policy measures. They are harnessing knowledge and alternative perspectives for a deeper understanding of current societal challenges.

At an individual level, community-led initiatives provide multiple benefits to those involved – providing support and building resilience amidst ever-increasing climate impacts, promoting more sustainable behaviour and lifestyles, and above all, opportunities to connect on a deeper level with people and nature.

Step 1: Get Connected

Find your community: Explore the map to find a community-led initiative near you.

You can also join a community of practice, become a community climate coach or participate in online or in-person events.

Step 2: Stay Informed

Sign up to our mailing list. You’ll receive a monthly newsletter with the latest CfF news and events.

Access our resources to learn how to build a more sustainable community and discover funding and training opportunities for CLIs.

Read policy papers to hear the demands of community-led initiatives.

Step 3: Make an Impact

Step 3: Make an Impact

Share news, events and stories of the highs and lows from your own community. Join the community.

Take action by participating in one of our campaigns.

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